Midnight Paloma body dry brush

Midnight Paloma body dry brush

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  • Smooth, tone, stimulate and balance. We're all about the detox. Improve texture + appearance of skin, increase blood flow, exfoliate and flush out your lymphatic system.

  • Skin Type: All

    How Often: Anytime pre-shower

    • step 1 - brush on skin, starting at feet
    • Step 1 -On dry skin, take brush onto skin starting at the feet.
    • step 2 - brush upwards towards heart
    • Step 2 -Brush in upward long strokes, towards the heart.
    • step 3 - continue all over
    • Step 3 -Continue all over the body.
    • step 4 - hop in shower
    • Step 4 -Hop in the shower.